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KKGM AM 1630 - Dallas/Fort Worth:

John Roberts & Cami Bradley have a one-hour weekly radio program, “Come Praise The Lord”, on KKGM AM 1630 in Dallas, each Sunday at 2pm central time! The radio program premiered in February 2015 & was first broadcast on the San Antonio, TX community radio station AM 1670 Dewberry Jam at 9:30am each week. (It continues to air on both stations, every Sunday.)

You can read more about John & Cami here:

A few months after the program began, & with a growing library, Cami realized they would never be able to play all of it at just once a week! So, KATZ Radio was launched in November 2015, & operates 24 hours a day.
At over two years old now, KATZ Radio has developed a LOCAL Christian format very different than the other stations. General Programming (format):

(1)  Approx. 6 out of every 10 songs broadcast are from churches across the metroplex! These songs are a mix between new music from today’s Praise & Worship teams, choirs & orchestras, special programs, and also music KATZ has collected from churches dating back to the 1960s. No other station has this library but KATZ.

(2)  In between the music from the churches, KATZ plays a nice mix of “Christian-Classics” from the 1970s through the early-2000s ~ music not heard anymore on the other Christian stations. (Many of the Christian artists we grew up listening to are now staff members at some of the DFW churches. So, not only do we hear their chart-toppers from the 70s-90s, but we also get to hear what they are doing today in these churches.)

(3)  A few local independent artists are also included on KATZ.

(4)  Local weather is highlighted. KATZ Radio is located in “Tornado Alley”, & Cami Bradley is a Broadcast Meteorologist. A very brief metroplex forecast is given often.

Special Programs:

“Rise & Shine” with host Katrina Bills, Memphis, TN - Katrina shares a very brief scripture & devotion at 7, 10 & 11am Central Time. Shorter than the length of a song, and really gets you ready for the day!

“The Sagamore Hill Series” – Thanks to Bill Swank & Susan Knight Pieper, KATZ Radio has complete worship services from one of the most iconic churches in Ft. Worth – Sagamore Hill Baptist. These services span across the 1960s – 1990s, & include messages from Dr. W. Fred Swank, lead-pastor for 43 years, as well as Jack Graham (now at Prestonwood in Dallas), as well as many others. Broadcast times: 10am & 7pm Central time daily.

“Come Praise The Lord” with John Roberts & Cami Bradley – aired on KKGM in Dallas each Sunday at 2pm, the archived programs of 3 years are aired on KATZ in Ft. Worth each day at 8am & 8pm Central time.

Coming Soon: A very special archived program from the vault of NBC-TV (KXAS), from the 1950s-1960s. (This is from early-day television but KATZ will use the audio portion!)

Does KATZ have music from your church yet? This can include professionally produced CDs and the music recorded live in your sevices services!  (It does not have to be original music. “Cover songs” are fine, as we pay the license fees.) Remember: some people may be new to the area & are looking for a new church home. They may connect with the music on the radio & then want to visit your church in person. And, they may not realize how close your location is to them until they see the name of your church on their computer or phone! For info. about music submission:

Please join KATZ Radio for the Purr-fect blend of local churches & Christian-Community Radio in the Ft. Worth/Dallas Metroplex!

Classic Christian Music

KATZ Radio – The purr-fect Christian format, broadcasting music from churches across the Ft. Worth/Dallas metroplex! Current, live music from choirs, orchestras, Praise & Worship teams, & congregational singing offers you a virtual tour of churches!
  Rare, archived tapes & church albums going back to the 1960s are also included, as well Classic-Christian radio hits from the 70s-90s, & a few local artists & bands. No other station has this historic & current library except for KATZ radio.

Choose how you want to listen to KATZ Radio:
(Plays on anything. Don’t want to keep up with the link? Nothing to download. To create a shortcut for your phone, bring the player up at that link. At the bottom of your screen, find the blue square with the arrow coming out of the top. Select that, then select “add to home screen”. You can now easily stream it quickly on your phone & in your car just as you would with any app.)

This Site: (also has a player) (Enter KATZ Radio into the search field – we are the first to come up. Look for the 2 kitty-cats!) (Enter KATZ Radio into the search field – scroll down the page. Look for the 2 kitty-cats! This site has a free mobile app, too.)



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